Ford Dashboard Symbols Explained

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Understanding Your Ford Dashboard Warning Lights

While we always recommend consulting your model’s owner’s manual, our Conklin Ford Newton Service Center has listed the most common Ford dash symbols and their meanings below for your convenience.

Keep in mind that the urgency level associated with each symbol varies. If you see a symbol classified as high urgency, please contact us or schedule Ford routine maintenance immediately. Low-medium urgency levels may indicate a feature is active, suggest routine Ford maintenance is needed, signal a check you can easily perform yourself, or–in some cases–indicate that you’ll need a certified Ford mechanic to service a benign electrical issue.


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Ford Dash Symbol Ford Dash Symbol Name Description Urgency Level
warning light Warning Light If you see this symbol accompany any of the following symbols, it indicates a serious problem.  High
anti-lock Anti-Lock Braking System Signals a braking system error. High
battery Battery Signals a battery system error. Turn off all unneeded electrical components. High
Brake Warning Lamp Brake System Warning Lamp Signals that the parking brake may still be active. If it remains illuminated despite the parking brake being inactive, contact us.  Low-Medium
Electric Park Brake Electric Park Brake Signals an electric parking systems error. Low-Medium
Engine oil Engine Oil Indicates an engine oil systems error. Stop as soon as safely possible and check your engine oil levels.  Low-Medium
Front air bag Front Air Bag Signals a front airbag malfunction if illuminated upon ignition, when flashing, or when lit up while driving.  High
High Voltage Electric System Failure High Voltage Electric System Failure If your Ford is a hybrid, this signals a failure or fault in the electrical system. The vehicle may come to a halt or only operate in limited ways. Low-Medium
Loose Gas Cap Warning Loose Gas Cap Warning Signals that your gas cap may be dislodged, too loose, too tight, dirty, or broken. Check the cap yourself. If you notice the cap is fine, visit us.  Low-Medium
Low Tire Pressure Warning Low Tire Pressure Warning Signals low tire pressure. Check your tire pressure when safely possible. If you notice the symbol consistently doesn’t briefly flash upon ignition, visit us.  Low-Medium
Powertrain fault Powertrain Fault Signals a malfunction in your powertrain or 4WD/AWD system. Avoid driving while illuminated and contact us immediately. We offer pick-up and delivery services for maintenance.  High
Service Engine soon Service Engine Soon Signals an engine check service interval. Don’t leave for too long.  Low-Medium
Stability Control Stability Control Signals that the stability control system is active. If you notice the symbol consistently doesn’t briefly flash upon ignition, visit us.  Low-Medium

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Some Ford dashboard light warnings may not be outlined above. If you’re seeing a symbol you don’t recognize here or in your owner’s manual, we encourage you to contact us at our easy-to-reach Ford Service Center. We’re here for you and happy to help!

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