Ford Brake Service in Newton

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A certified Ford technician examines the brakes on a car

If you want to keep your Ford vehicle driving safely, regular brake maintenance is a must. Our Newton certified technicians are here to provide you with high-quality Ford brake service near Wichita. Skip the big box upsell and go with our Ford service center, which can offer affordable prices and friendly service.

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How Often Does Your Ford Need Brake Service?

A general rule of thumb is to get your brakes serviced every 20,000 to 60,000 miles. The more braking you do, the more often you need service. If most of your driving is stop-and-go or if you often drive through hills or mountains, you’ll probably want to take your car in at the 20,000-mile mark. If you drive mostly on rural highways, you may be able to go a bit longer.

Signs I Need Brake Service

Even if you get regular maintenance, brake problems can still happen. If you hear squealing or grinding noises from your brakes, feel vibration when you depress the brake pedal, or notice that your vehicle takes longer to stop, it’s time to take your car in.

Why Get Brake Service at a Dealer?

Ford vehicles are more complex and technologically advanced than ever. The big box mechanics may be able to offer you a low price, but they won’t understand your car as the qualified technicians at a certified dealer do. A certified dealer will only use genuine Ford parts and tools to repair your vehicle.

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Conklin Ford Newton is your home for Ford maintenance in the Newton and Wichita areas. Whether you need brake service, a battery replacement, or work on your tires, you can expect experienced technicians, warm service, and convenient Saturday hours. Contact us today!

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