1941  Stuart Conklin Buick founded in downtown Hutchinson, Ks.

1975  Awarded Honda franchise by American Honda

1982  Bought Bottomly Oldsmobile-Cadillac-Datsun (Nissan).  Moved into 11th street location and changed name to Conklin Cars.

1987  Bought Ely GMC Truck and moved it into 11th Street location.  Opened Body Shop at 815 West 4th.

1991  Bought Holstine Chevrolet-Geo-Oldsmobile-Cadillac and Holstine Ford-Lincoln-Mercury in Newton.  Became Conklin Cars Newton.

1994  Purchased land on Interstate 135 for new facility in Newton

1995  Completed dealership expansion and renovation in Hutchinson

1996  Bought Waddell Cadillac-Oldsmobile in Salina.  Bought JJ Chevrolet-Honda in Salina.

1997  Completed and moved into new facility in Newton on I-135

2001  Finished Salina consolidation, renovation and new facility projects.

2003  Renovation of Hutchinson dealership.  Built body shop at East 11th location.